The story of Wise Choice Consulting ApS

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Story told by Steen K. Grøndahl


Back in 1991, after I graduated E.E. from the air force, I started as a technician in a R&D department. Shortly after that, I did my first PCB Design on a Mentor Graphic Board Station system.

The first PCBs I did were relatively simple boards, counting 4 layers with through-hole vias. But at the time, it also seemed like the standard.

Soon, I realized that PCB design had already become and would continue to be a big part of my life. I improved my skills year after year and educated myself about standards – first PERFAG, then IPC standards.

In addition to this, I have also expanded my knowledge within product development, now being proficient within areas such as EMI, EMC, DFM, DFA, and DFT. This allows me an even better overview of the PCB design process, ensuring the success of the project on all levels, from start to finish.

As for my professional experience, I have worked for several years in different types of R&D companies. Among others, in the cellular business, where I have worked with very high-tech fine pitch designs, HDI, µvias, etc.

I have designed PCBs for space, UPS systems, power supplies, audio equipment, Doppler Radar systems, satellite communication, and much more.

With broad experience comes the need for a big toolbox – and with this many years within the field, I have been through them all. Altium, PADS, Mentor Graphics, Zuken, Cadence – basically whatever system, I have probably tried them.

So after more than 25 years of designing PCBs, I decided in 2019, to start my own company. In the beginning, the idea was just to provide freelance assistance with PCB consultations to R&D companies.

But it quickly changed, as the assignments kept rolling in – and soon we were several senior in-house designers, with years of combined experience in the PCB design field.

We continue to grow – and we’re not slowing down. Our mission is to be able to expand so that we may share our experience and expertise, making advanced technology available for as many as possible.

“Difficult PCB design processes should be a thing of the past – we are here to make that happen!”

– Steen K. Grøndahl, CEO, Wise Choice Consulting ApS


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