Avoid costly mistakes by verifying important aspects of the design BEFORE manufacturing prototypes.

Power SI simulation

Signal integrity is essential for proper functionality of hi-speed electronics.

Simulation gives you the actual impedances of the routing as well as the frequency response of the transmission path. Simulation results allow the engineer to optimize the routing to achieve the best possible design within the given constraints.

We analyze PDN networks, timing, crosstalk, signal levels, inductance and impedance – which are provided in detailed reports.

Power DC simulation

Power integrity in PCB design is all about ensuring the power you input into your board reaches your downstream components.

If power is lost on the way from your regulator output to the downstream components, your components may not receive the power they need to operate properly.

Powerful electrical simulation is combined with thermal distribution analysis in an automated environment that iterates on the vital interactions between current flow and temperature.

We provide a complete analysis of current / voltage conditions as well as inductance, which reveals voltage drops, current density, inefficient decoupling, and thermal hotspots.

We make sure that your design doesn't fail after production!

Layout simulation is an important step in any PCB project. You want to create a design that is ready for production, without making many unnecessary prototypes for testing.