Printed Circuit Board

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PCB-Design is more than just a flat design with a lot of components, copper, traces and more. It is a construction of many technologies which are gathered in several layers in the design.

We work with the latest technologies to help design the latest technology on the market. Some of the technologies we work with include:

With our design methodology we wish to be cost-effectively and at the same time match all current and future technology and methodology needed for teams, organizations, and projects of all sizes and complexities.


Flex-Rigid PCB – here we design with the possibility of the PCB to bend. These PCBs are often used in portable, mobile, military, and medical equipment, but only the imagination sets the limit.

HDI Design

There is limited space in HDI-Designs, and it is therefore necessary to work with smaller components and narrower traces. Likewise, components are often located on both sides of the PCB. – These types of designs are referred to as complex designs.


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