NewRoniX – A startup with excellent ideas

NewRoniX is a new startup company, offering high quality industrial Smart CO2-saving Light Controls.
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NewRoniX a startup with excellent ideas

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NewRoniX is a new startup company, offering high quality industrial Smart CO2-saving Light Controls. As many other new companies, NewRonix don’t have PCB designers in-house.

This was problematic for them, as they were filled with great, innovative ideas for their business, but no PCB designers to help carry them out.

Because of the nature of their product, it was important to select a professional PCB design partner who could ensure highest quality PCB design and keep commitments.

It was important that the partner had sufficient professional experience; adherence to industry standards had to go without saying. Secondly, it couldn’t be risked that the process compromised the integrity and concept of the product, and all the new ideas.

What action did NewRoniX take?

NewRoniX booked a meeting with Wise Choice Consulting, where the project ideas were previewed.

Wise Choice Consulting presented NewRoniX with ample advice. Among others, it included advice on where the PCBs could be produced and mounted.

Having experienced the professionalism and expertise of Wise Choice Consulting, NewRoniX decided to let Wise Choice Consulting be responsible for the PCB designs.

What was the solution – and NewRoniX’s take?

Wise Choice Consulting made sure that the NewRoniX PCB’s were designed for an industrial DIN rail controller, where the quality and reliability is very important.

"By selecting Wise Choice Consulting as our PCB design partner, we got world standard deliveries. Partnering with Wise Choice Consulting has been very professional and also ensured a better product in the end, as Wise Choice Consulting shared their long experience in PCB design throughout the whole design process. Wise Choice Consulting has been a big part in our market success with our latest Smart CO2 saving Light Controller."
Per Hartmann Christensen
CEO, NewRoniX
NewRoniX ApS
DIN rail controller
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