All-round PCB service consultancy

We offer services within PCB design, layout simulation and design translation/conversion.

Your professional PCB layout partner

Wise Choice is an all-round PCB service consultancy, that can help you with many different tasks within PCB development. We are a team of dedicated and professional consultants, and together we have many years of experience working with PCB.

Our consultants are specialized in different tools and fields, which makes it possible for us to always find a perfect match for your project. Whether you are looking for help with design and layout, simulation or conversions, we can help.


Our designers can work in tools from:

How we help

From idea to design

We make sure to take you through every step of the process, from conceptualization to design. We’re in touch daily with our clients to ensure that the design is taking off in the right direction. You can also rely on us, if you need tips or guidance about manufacturing or other subjects that are important to the PCB project.

Need help with your next project?

Are you working on a project, where you need extra hands?
Or do you need a specific skillset that you don’t have in-house at the moment?

Then the wise choice is to hire a PCB consultant to help you reach the finish line for your project.
Reach out to have a chat about how we can help you!